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Javascript Essentials Certification

What can a Javascript programmer do?

Many interactive web and mobile apps are created with JavaScript programming. This course will show you how to design, write, debug, and run your own programs! No prior programming knowledge is required.

Course Information
3 Credits – Two Week Intensive Schedule – $800/Credit

This single course serves as a coding bootcamp for beginners. Over the course of 6 modules students will learn the essentials of Javascript programming utilizing interactive activities, quizzes, test, labs, and a final exam. In as little as 2 weeks this coding bootcamp will prepare students to take the Cisco Javascript Entry-Level Certification exam, an industry recognized certificate. Programming skills open you up to careers in almost any industry. These skills are required if you want to continue to more advanced and higher paying web, mobile app, or game development roles.

Students will enter Paier College as a non-matriculated student and will have the opportunity to add up to three courses to gain proficiency in Cybersecurity, UI/UX, and Artificial Intelligence. 

Spaces are limited – Course Offered Remotely to International Students 



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