Modeled after the traditional art schools at the turn of the century, the Paier College  offers students the unique opportunity to learn their respective disciplines under the tutelage of seasoned professionals.


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By teaching timeless artistic fundamentals, students are empowered to produce work utilizing traditional or digital methods. See our student galleries:


Welcome to
Paier College!

Since 1946, Paier College has been committed to enhancing the skills of its students in their fields of choice. While Paier's legacy has focused on art and design, it now sits at the precipice of a promising new era. With its planned move to Bridgeport, CT the new Paier College campus will utilize the grandeur and storied past of the Arnold Bernhard Arts & Humanities Center, home of the Shintaro Akatsu School of Design, to usher in a new promise of educating its students in a world-class environment in leading-edge programs. Paier College will encapsulate its Mission of engaging talented and inspired individuals by fostering their intellectual curiosity and innovation. At Paier College, we value an academic culture which promotes critical thinking, civic responsibility, and collaborative experiences which enable our graduates to reflect the evolving needs of society. Schedule a visit today and see all that Paier has to offer!

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