To The Paier College Community
Posted: September 2023

This written notice has been posted in accordance with applicable Standards of Accreditation from Paier’s Accreditor, ACCSC, to inform Paier College’s learning community that the institution has been placed on Warning upon review by the Commission following their May 2023 committee meeting. Paier was formally notified by the Commission of its May 2023 decision in August of 2023. The ACCSC definition of Warning states that a “Warning is a fact-finding and monitoring action taken to heighten a school’s awareness regarding ACCSC’s concerns in one or more areas. It does not necessarily mean that the school is out of compliance with an accreditation standard, but instead that the Commission is providing an additional opportunity for the school to demonstrate that an area meets accrediting criteria”.

The Commission’s review encompassed, in part, several applications submitted to ACCSC following the College’s transition to Bridgeport. These applications include an Application for Renewal of Accreditation, an Application for an Unrelated Non-Degree program in Web Development Design, Applications for Degree Programs in Industrial Design and Mass Communications, Applications for Master’s Degree Programs in Design Management and Global Media and Communication Studies, an Application for a Change of Location, as well as a complaint review. We are currently under review and will undergo an evaluation of our programs, processes, and overall compliance with accreditation standards. Given the numerous changes to Paier’s environment over the past 24 months, Paier respects the decision of the Commission and will continue to furnish any requested information to assist the Commission in its review. 

It is important to note that reviews from an accrediting body are necessary and welcomed in order to help institutions remain compliant with standards. Thus, these reviews and their subsequent decisions are viewed by Paier as beneficial to our community in our effort to continuously strive to achieve our Mission. Accreditation bodies aim to ensure that educational institutions meet certain standards of quality and effectiveness. While the Warning determination is not the initial outcome we desired following our review, this process can (and should) provide an opportunity for our institution to assess and improve our programs, procedures, and compliance with accreditation standards. By addressing any identified issues and making necessary adjustments, our institution can demonstrate its commitment to delivering high-quality education to our students. We are committed to keeping you informed as information becomes available and thank you for your continued commitment to our wonderful institution!

For further information, please reach out to me or visit the ACCSC website.

The Paier College Administration

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