The 1864 Fund

Paier College offers qualifying students access to Institutional Aid through its 1864 Fund scholarship program. A member of our Financial Aid team will help determine eligibility. Students who accept all available financial aid including loans yet still possess a tuition balance may be eligible to apply for the 1864 Fund. These scholarships may be open to new and returning students. The maximum award available is calculated on a case by case basis.

Private Education Loans

Private Student Loans (alternative loans) are also available at Paier College. Students can apply for several different private loans. These loans are not need-based; they are based on creditworthiness. Students who have not obtained a credit-worthy status may have the option to add a credit-worthy cosigner to the application. Payment of these loans and interest rates vary by lending institution. Students must contact the Financial Aid Office with details about any pending applications.
Many Paier College students have used EDvestinU for their alternative loan needs:
EDvestinU   855.887.5430
Note: The above lender information is provided for informational purposes only. Students have the right to choose any private student loan institution.

College Employment

In addition to aid from the Federal Work-Study program, Paier also offers institutional dollars for college employment on a select basis. Roles are determined as needed on a semester-by-semester basis. Qualified candidates are selected based on specific application criteria, with preference given to students with demonstrated financial need. Applications are available from the Student Affairs Office at the start of each semester. Students who are selected for participation must submit necessary employment documentation to the Human Resources Office.

Veterans Administration Benefits

Educational assistance is available to U.S. veterans under the following programs: Chapter 30-Montgomery G.I.® Bill Active Duty Educational Assistance Program; Chapter 31-Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation; Chapter 32-Contributory Education Assistance Program (Post-Vietnam Veterans), Chapter 34-Vietnam-Era G.I.® Bill, Chapter 35-Survivors and Dependents Education; Chapter 1606-Selective Reserves; Chapter 1607-REAP.

Eligibility for these programs is determined by the Veterans Administration and students are advised to make their initial application for such benefits well before their first semester of study. Students must be matriculated in a program, must maintain good academic standing, and must be making reasonable progress toward completion of the program’s requirements. Under these programs, the matriculated student registers and pays for courses each semester; the College certifies the student’s enrollment to the VA, which then pays the appropriate benefits to the student.

Tracy Lynn Skeffington Memorial Scholarship

In loving memory of Paier College Alum Tracy Frillici Skeffington. This Scholarship fund for Paier College has been dedicated in her name. Scholarship proceeds have been awarded since Fall 2005. The Recipient will be a student in the Graphic Design Program with advanced standing. For more information please contact Paul Skeffington.
Contributions can be made directly to:
The Tracy Skeffington Memorial Scholarship Fund
c/o CT Community Foundation
81 West Main Street
Waterbury, CT 06702

Scholarships and Local Awards

Parental employers, civic organizations, and other corporations are important sources of scholarship aid. The Director of Guidance at a local high school can often provide detailed information concerning these sources. In addition, various companies provide awards to Paier students for outstanding achievement. Examples are awards by the Society of Illustrators, The Salmagundi Club of NYC, Hallmark, Southern Connecticut Chapter of the National Kitchen and Bath Design Association, and BT Office Products & Herman Miller Interior Design Scholarship. Announcements of competition for these awards are made during the academic year.

Other Scholarship Resources:

We’re an institution preparing students for professional careers in art and marketing, Paier College is committed to a program of learning and services that provides intensive practice in art skills and other areas of study leading to diploma and certificate awards.