Wonderful college…professors are great

I am currently a student at Paier. This is a wonderful college, the staff is great, the professors are great. I love going to school here and I am truly learning a lot!

Donna Marie

Student to Staff Ratio

Great student to staff ratio.

Mark Gayda

Amazing artists/teachers

I was truly blessed to have attended Paier back in the 80's and to have studied under amazing artist/ teachers like Bob Zappalorti. I treasure those days of being inspired by the fellow students and staff there. All the best to Paier . It is truly a gem of a school.

Mark Battista

Great teachers!

I’m very proud to see Paier College being recognized for the fantastic college it is. Being a graduate of the interior Design program in 1975. I’m still going strong in my profession. Great teachers!!!!

Marilyn Donzila

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