Access to Email and Canvas for NEW STUDENTS

Please fully restart your computer before beginning this process. It is also advised to do this on a computer versus a phone.

Accessing your Paier College of Art Email Address: 

1.) Navigate to and click “Sign in” In the upper right-hand corner. 

2.) Enter your new email address right below “Sign-in”  

Note: You do not need to create an email address, we have created one for you. 

3.) Enter your new temporary password:  

4.) When the screen with three boxes appears, enter your temporary password in the first box. Then, you can create your own password for the other two boxes.  


5.) You should now be able to access your Paier Student email.  

Note: You cannot reset your own password for your email. You must go through 

Accessing Canvas, the online learning management system: 

1.) Navigate to 

2.) Enter your email address exactly as it is listed here: 

3.) Enter this password:  


4.) Click Log In 

You can reset your own password for Canvas at Click “Forgot Password”, and enter your email. You will receive an email in Outlook to reset your password. Please note: it may land in your “other” folder of your inbox. 

Canvas Forgot Password Screen: 

Outlook: “Other” Folder 

If you Have Any Questions Call Us At 203-287-3031