Access to Email and Canvas – Returning Students

Accessing your Paier College of Art Email Address: 

1.) Navigate to and click “Sign in” In the upper right-hand corner. 

2.) Enter your Paier email address directly below “Sign In”  

Note: You do not need to create an email address, we have created one for you.

3.) Enter your password.If you do not remember your password you cannot reset it yourself.You must go through 


Accessing Canvas, the online learning management system: 

1.) Navigate to 

2.) Click “Forgot Password” 

3.) Enter your email address for Paier.

4.) Click Request Password. This will send a link to your Paier email address. It often will send to the “Other” folder in outlook so make sure to check there if it seems like the email has not sent. 

Outlook: “Other” Folder 





If you Have Any Questions Call Us At 203-287-3031