Marketing – Overview

Admissions representative showing the view of the College.A degree in Marketing can be one of the most versatile business degrees. Marketers must demonstrate understanding in many areas of business fundamentals including accounting, finance, management, advertising, analytics, and communication. Beyond the grasp of these core business elements, the Marketing program follows an interdisciplinary approach, highlighting behavioral analysis, decision-making theory, research, and the application of managerial techniques to marketing problems. Graduates of this program tend to seek positions in management, advertising, sales, market research, PR, retail markets, and media services. Students will need to demonstrate the ability to communicate ideas clearly and persuasively in oral and written structures in a variety of settings. Additionally, students will contribute content and dialogue within diverse sets of teams and build internal and external relationships that facilitate success in contemporary organizations. Use of case-study examples will round out the real-world approach to applied creativity and innovation. 

Beyond core curriculum and elective coursework, students are exposed to classes in Statistics, Principles of Marketing, Creativity & Innovation, Business Communications, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Digital Consumer Behavior, Business Law, and more. 


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