Digital Marketing Communication

Digital Marketing Communication – Overview

Computers in a row in a classroom.The Digital Marketing Communication program at Paier College was designed for the 21st Century marketer. The program offers students the ability to execute real-world digital marketing campaigns.  Graduates will understand the way today’s consumers and businesses make their purchasing decisions. Courses are designed to foster an understanding of effective messaging, audience engagement and creative implementation as students produce integrated campaigns across traditional and digital media. Students are prepared for professional careers as they work on client projects, engage in internships and develop portfolio-worthy collateral. The program enables the graduates to be able to build digital proficiency, develop a strategic marketing mindset, and become an effective communicator in the digital realm. 

Beyond core curriculum and elective coursework, students are exposed to classes in Media Aesthetics, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Publishing, Advertising & PR, Digital Project Management, Digital Advertising Analytics, and more. 


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