connecticut art programs

Fine Art

Fine Arts encompasses a diversity of media and expression, but at Paier it is a program dealing primarily with picture making – the drawing and painting of objects and figures, and of portraits and landscapes.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design field utilizes artists who can apply their skills to the selling of products and services. This field is characterized by a constant need for creative freshness in visual communication techniques.


Illustration is one of the most demanding occupations of the visual arts. The artist-illustrator must think both of the conceptual nature of the image being presented and of the range of technical possibilities.

Interior Design

Interior Design curriculum at PCA is designed to prepare students for this professional life, and to provide the necessary training through a combination of education and employment opportunities.


Photography program has, as its underlying basis, the recognition of photography as a unique and elegant blend of science and art which has evolved into one of the most influential media of communication on the planet.

Industrial Design

Industrial Design emphasizes the development of products from early concept stages to the production of products for personal, home, and commercial use. Students learn using the latest computer technology and build models in well-equipped labs and workshops. The curriculum moves into advanced application and design topics, requiring problem solving and teamwork.


Marketing can be one of the most versatile business degrees earned, with Marketers demonstrating business fundamentals including accounting, finance, management, advertising, analytics, and communication. The Marketing program follows an interdisciplinary approach, highlighting behavior, decision-making, research, and the application of managerial techniques to marketing problems.

Digital Marketing Communication

The Digital Marketing Communication program was designed for the 21st Century marketer by offering students the ability to execute real-world digital marketing campaigns. Courses are designed to foster an understanding of effective messaging, audience engagement and creative implementation as students produce integrated campaigns across traditional and digital media.

Mass Communication

The Mass Communication program at Paier offers concentrations in Public Relations, Advertising, Journalism, Sports Communication, International Communication, and Communication Studies. It features a variety of course offerings in digital media and students get a foundation of techniques needed to become skilled and effective media practitioners.

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